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Residents at Assisted Living Facility Given 30 Days to Relocate



By Mark Tauscheck

Dozens of seniors who live in a Des Moines assisted living facility just found out they have one month to find a new place to live.

Staff at Walden Point Assisted Living told residents Monday that they are dropping assisted living to become regular senior housing, but anyone able to take care of themselves can stay.

The CEO of Walden Point’s management company told KCCI the vendor providing services for residents at Walden Point is going away, and deals with two other vendors to step in fell through.

The owner in Iowa City set a 30-day deadline to end food and nursing service for the approximately 40 residents.

“It’s already traumatic for having to live here in the first place — now they lose that home on short notice,” Pastor Jim Craig said.

Craig’s mother-in-law has two artificial hips and cannot get up if she falls. He is among the dozens of families scrambling to find a new home for an elderly loved one.

“Some of those waiting lists are as much as six months long. Very few people are going to be able to find in 30 days a new home,” Craig said.

Sharon Enos is divorced and has no children, so a social worker is helping her find her next address.

“Our bodies are disabled and we can’t just jump into another spot,” Enos said.

“And everybody’s going to have to scramble within 30 days to see what’s going to happen,” resident Linda Steeve said.

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