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ALERT: Miami ALF License Suspended


Florida’s Agency for Health Administration (AHCA) has issued an EMERGENCY SUSPENSION ORDER and IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM ON ADMISSIONS for the Fairway Park Retirement assisted living facility located at 16324 SW 99th Court in Miami.

The Agency alleges that the facility threatened the “health, safety, or welfare of a resident” and that conditions presently exist that pose an “immediate serious danger” to the public.  These failures “permeate the entire facility and its operations.”

The Agency triggered the suspension after surveyors found deficient care and services were not provided to a hospice resident during a February 10, 2017 inspection.

The following summarizes the Agency’s findings:

  • After a hospice resident suffered a seizure in early December 2016, facility personnel decided to crush and mix the resident’s medications, including the resident’s anti-seizure medication, in with the resident’s meals.
  • This action resulted in the resident not receiving the prescribed dosages of each medication as the resident frequently declined to eat regular meals.  Surveyors documented “the resident’s prescribed medications were not digested.”
  • AHCA inspectors found no evidence that the facility notified the resident’s “health care providers or family” of the change to the administration of the resident’s medications nor the resident’s refusal to eat.
  • The resident experienced another “seizure-like” episode on December 31, 2016 during a family visit.  The family notified the facility’s administrator of the episode, but the administrator failed to respond to the family nor appeared at the facility in response to the resident’s “emergent condition.”
  • On New Year’s Day 2017, the resident suffered a third “seizure-like” event, once again in the presence of the resident’s family.  The administrator (who claims that she filmed the episode but failed to provide a copy of the video to Agency personnel despite requests by the Agency) neglected to call emergency services for assistance.  The administrator later reported events of the episode to the resident’s attending Hospice nurse, who then “immediately transferred” the resident to the hospital.  Emergency room personnel diagnosed the resident with “a suspected cardiovascular event”, “seizure”, “a sudden and severe kidney infection”, and “malnutrition.”
  • The resident expired on January 6, 2017 after being hospitalized.
  • Surveyors concluded that the facility neglected to “document any of the significant changes” to the resident nor were any entries found that “related to the resident’s care.”

In addition to the aforementioned problems, the Final Order also revealed several system failures by the facility, including, among other findings; sloppy staffing schedules that reflected “employees no longer employed”, inadequate staffing coverage, residents being left at times unsupervised without someone on staff who is trained to administer CPR or First Aid, and improperly “maintained” medication observation records.

The Agency for Health Care Administration’s website FloridaHealthFinder.gov notes that Fairway Park Retirement‘s controlling interest is FAIRWAY PARK RETIREMENT FACILITY, CORP, owned 100 percent by Marie Cartia Regnier.  The site also shows Ms. Regnier owns another assisted living facility called Bel Aire Retirement Home also located in Miami.  Inspection records show that AHCA imposed a $1,000 sanction against Bel Aire last year for failing to correct two uncorrected Class III deficiencies.

The complete details regarding the suspension and moratorium of Fairway Park Retirement can be viewed and downloaded in the Final Order below.