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🚨EMERGENCY ACTION: ALF ‘Grossly’ Failed to Stop ‘Widespread’ Abuse; State Moratorium Imposed


A Central Florida assisted living facility—known for offering residents a “compassionate environment”, “24-hour security”, and “peace of mind for families”—was notified by the Agency for Health Care Administration last week that the facility must immediately stop admitting new residents.

An inspection survey completed at Inspired Senior Living of Sun City in early December found that residents were in “immediate serious danger” of harm from two roaming perpetrators living at the facility.

These two residents repeatedly physically and/or sexually assaulted multiple residents and facility employees.

According to state records, Agency personnel observed a male resident grabbing a female resident by the neck and right shoulder, shaking and striking her violently during the December 4 survey. Inspectors also witnessed the other male resident grope a female resident on “the buttocks” the previous day.

Facility staff were highly aware of these two residents’ chronic aggressive behaviors, documenting a lengthy history of abuse and lewd acts by one or both residents. Some of the incidents included the residents “walking naked in the hallway”, “fondling a female resident’s breast”, “exposing genitals”, “physical altercations” with other residents, “punching and running over the foot of another resident with a wheel chair,” and other graphic events.

The Agency found that the facility compounded the abuse by neglecting to assess the “subjects” of the “violent” acts for “injury or harm”; neglecting to relocate a female victim, whose room was “adjacent to that of her tormentor;” and making little or no attempt to contact the victims’ families or alert local authorities after these occurrences.  In fact, detailed facility records show that “with the exception of the single notification” to one victim’s responsible party, “records do not reflect” that the family members of “the several residents who were subjected to inappropriate behaviors or assault” were ever notified by Inspired Living personnel.

The Immediate Moratorium on Admissions was imposed on December 5, 2018 and will remain in effect until such time it’s determined by state officials that Inspired Senior Living is capable of abiding by resident protections enumerated in Florida law.

Forty-nine residents currently live at the 78-bed assisted living facility.

Families for Better Care is deeply concerned for those still living at Inspired Living, many of whom reside in “a secure memory unit to address cognitive deficiencies.”

We call upon the Ombudsman Office and the Agency for Health Care Administration to undertake swift and decisive action, including, as necessary, any additional enforcement measures warranted to remediate these “widespread” and “gross” facility failures, doing so in full collaboration with the facility’s ownership and management team.

Our mutual desire is to see all Inspired Living residents living in a safe and welcoming environment, both now and in the future.