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Police Fear Assisted Living Home Operator May Have Stolen Multiple Patients’ Identities

WFTS Tampa Bay

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.30.04 AMBy Adam Walser

An unlicensed St. Petersburg assisted living facility that cared for the elderly may have actually been stealing some of their identities, according to law enforcement.
There’s no sign at Access Adult Family Care Home at 2895 38th Ave. N., but police and the Florida Department of Health say that until several hours ago, an unlicensed assisted living facility was operating inside.
But investigators don’t believe that’s not all that was going on inside that was against the law.
“He receives good care. They eat Spanish food,” said Luis Guerrero.
Luis Guerrero took his father to the home two months after he fell and broke his hip last year. He heard about the facility by word of mouth.
“He receives good care,” he said. “They eat Spanish food.”
Guerrero said he was shocked to learn the facility was being shut down. He was called by police to come get his dad just minutes after the facility’s owner, Maria Matos Infante, was hauled away to jail.
“She’s got five or six patients. And they’re all Spanish speaking,” Guerrero said, pointing out that’s one reason his father, who immigrated from Cuba in 1968, was happy there.
Police said at least one former patient was a victim of identity theft.
The woman’s daughter discovered her credit card had been used several times after she died in May.
Police said they saw Infante on surveillance video using it to buy food, gift cards and other items.
“It appears that the woman took the woman’s identity or credit card itself and used this credit card at least 20 some odd different locations,” St. Petersburg Police spokesman Mike Puetz said.
Investigators took computers and boxes of records from the home Tuesday, looking for answers.
“We believe that this woman has probably been active for well over a year and there’s a good possibility we’re gonna find more victims. As a matter of fact, at this point, we believe we have at least 10 victims,” Puetz said.
Police also discovered the home wasn’t licensed, so residents had to be sent home with loved ones.
“I’m gonna go look at my dad’s information. Anybody would be worried that they used his name for something,” Guerrero said.
You can see if a home is licensed by going to this website.