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OUR TAKE: Residents’ ‘Rights’ Real Threat to Nursing Home Empires

To nursing home owners, shareholders and their lobbyists, Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission Proposal 88 represents everything that is evil in this world, for it poses the most serious, the gravest threat to their empire’s very way of life —  giving nursing home residents equal footing under the law.

PROP88: What they’re saying

Voice your support of Florida’s historic opportunity to radically change the trajectory of Florida long-term care for generations to come.


Florida nursing home residents score key victory, but fight for constitutional elderly bill of rights is far from over.


FFBC director’s statement on the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ decision to offer nursing home industry “relief” by scaling back federal nursing home fines.

This isn’t the redaction reaction we were hoping for

The Miami Herald’s recent admonishment of the Agency for Health Care Administration’s policy to remove and redact nursing home and assisted living inspections from FloridaHealthFinder.gov seems to have stirred a reaction from agency leaders, just not the one we were hoping for.