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New Nursing Home Report Card Released

Families for Better Care published its second annual state-by-state nursing home report card and found that Texas is America’s worst nursing home state (again) while Rhode Island grabbed the top spot.

Fort Myers nursing home cited $26,000 for rat infestation

Florida officials recently slapped a Fort Myers nursing home with a $26,000 fine because the nursing home failed to treat a dangerous rat infestation. The nursing home was also placed on the state’s watch list and officials ratcheted up the facility’s inspection frequency to every six months.

It’s a nasty “deal” for nursing home residents!

The historic “compromise deal” between the nursing home industry and the trial bar may soon become Florida’s most epic fail for elderly nursing home residents. Get the facts about the “sweetheart deal” that’s designed to rob residents of their rights.

FFBC Executive Director Testifies about Nursing Home Bill

In testimony before Florida’s Senate Judiciary Committee, FFBC’s executive director tells senators how SB670—a controversial nursing home bill that insulates nursing home decision makers from civil accountability—would adversely affect a resident’s right to access records.

Proposed Lawsuit Protections for Nursing Homes Unneeded

Over the last several years, Florida’s nursing-home industrial complex has lobbied time and time again for additional safeguards. Mind you, the protections they’ve spent millions in trying to secure are not for our elderly parents and grandparents. No, those “protections” are for themselves.

Nursing Homes are Political Pawns

A controversial nursing home bill — one that has struck out year after year because lawmakers realized it was a political career killer — has now become little more than a settlement agreement between the nursing home industrial complex and a small section of trial lawyers.