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Confessed murderer released to FL nursing home

Residents, families and staff of the Baywood Nursing Center in St. Petersburg, get ready, as a confessed murdered (who killed a Florida mother and her two children 28 years ago) is being placed in your facility.

ALF residents still in danger despite outbreak of ‘task farces’ and ‘negotiating committees’

Since the Miami Herald broke its award-winning story last year about Florida’s ALF horrors, no laws or regulations have been substantively changed to curtail resident abuse or neglect. And instead of legislative fixes to the broken system, we’re now stuck with a rash of politically charged meetings that are generating a lot of hot air, more empty promises, and even fewer resident-focused solutions.

Another ALF resident dies unnecessarily while rules committee deliberates

And so while committee members sift through rules and wrangle over new ALF safeguards, there appears to be a growing lack of urgency in developing effective solutions that will benefit resident care, safety or rights. So much so, it’s as though the committee is, at times, oblivious to the countless residents who are suffering from lousy care in far too many ALFs.

After nearly 40 years, federal Ombudsman regulations are on the horizon

The United States Administration on Aging (AoA) recently announced plans to promulgate federal ombudsman program regulations. While the Older Americans Act (OAA) prescribes that each state establish and operate an ombudsman office, the lack of clear federal guidance (coupled with varying politically-driven interpretations of the OAA) has led to the creation of vastly different programs from state-to-state.

Two FL nursing homes added to ‘Special Focus Facilities’ list

The Tampa Bay Times revealed that the Lakeshore Villas of Tampa and South Heritage Health of St. Petersburg received the unflattering “Special Focus Facility” designation by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Recent inspections show that persistent regulatory non-compliance endangered residents’ lives. Inspectors will now double up on their surveys over the next 18-24 months to “motivate” these facilities into providing safe, quality care. In order for these nursing homes to “graduate” from the list, they must remain “problem-free” during this ramped up inspection cycle.

Florida “mocks” elderly and disabled ALF residents and their rights

Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs commenced “Negotiated Rulemaking” today in the wake of the Miami Herald’s award-winning investigative series that uncovered rampant abuse and neglect in far too many of Florida’s assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, this “rulemaking” is turning out to be nothing more than a mockery toward residents and their rights.

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