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Will this be ALF Reform’s Curtain Call?

A slight of hand, a quick puff of smoke, a blinding flash of light . . . and (wait for it) presto! —another masterful illusion. No, this isn’t David Copperfield’s latest magic performance at Caesar’s Palace; rather this hoax is taking place center stage in Tallahassee. This act stars assisted living facility (ALF) lobbyists who are trying to make much needed ALF reform disappear before our Legislature’s very eyes.

Investors acquire troubled ALF, promise change

Two years ago, Palazzo Di Oro abruptly closed amidst financial scandal, allegedly owing nearly $200,000 in unpaid taxes. A new ownership group recently bought the foreclosed property and is proposing big changes…but can they live up to their own hype. A closer examination of their regulatory record leaves us scratching our heads.

Nursing homes going broke? Hardly.

Nursing home companies continue riding wave of profits. Market analyst calls nursing homes and health care REITS an “insatiable” investment opportunity. Meanwhile, residents suffer.