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Florida “mocks” elderly and disabled ALF residents and their rights

Florida’s Department of Elder Affairs commenced “Negotiated Rulemaking” today in the wake of the Miami Herald’s award-winning investigative series that uncovered rampant abuse and neglect in far too many of Florida’s assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, this “rulemaking” is turning out to be nothing more than a mockery toward residents and their rights.

Nursing home sales demonstrate profitability

Only in the nursing home industry would someone pay exorbitant amounts of money for businesses that supposedly bleed millions of dollars in losses. According to a Senior Housing News report, two non-profit nursing homes for sale in New York are each losing gobs of money due to “reimbursement cuts” and “extremely onerous union contracts.”

FFBC Update 2-16-2012

Nursing home profits soar while residents suffer | Bad legislation on deck for FL nursing home residents

Comments to US Senate Special Committee on Aging

In wake of the Miami Herald’s investigative series that exposed abuse and neglect of Florida assisted living facility residents, the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging convenes hearing to explore additional regulatory measures to safeguard residents.

Report on nursing homes predictably appalling

A new report released by the Government Accounting Office earlier this month shows private investment firms that own for-profit nursing homes are doing a mediocre job at best.

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