Empowering families to advocate for quality nursing home care


Comments to US Senate Special Committee on Aging

In wake of the Miami Herald’s investigative series that exposed abuse and neglect of Florida assisted living facility residents, the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging convenes hearing to explore additional regulatory measures to safeguard residents.

Report on nursing homes predictably appalling

A new report released by the Government Accounting Office earlier this month shows private investment firms that own for-profit nursing homes are doing a mediocre job at best.

Florida nursing home regulators curtsey to providers

In a small meeting room in Tallahassee yesterday, it was revealed how the powerful nursing home lobby is now self-regulating and the muzzling of residents’ voices continues unabated in lieu of politics and big money.

Open Letter to Senate President Mike Haridopolos

Brian Lee, Executive Director, blasts the decision of Senate President Mike Haridopolos to reassign leadership of the Florida Senate’s assisted living facility reform talks to a Senator with a health care provider bias.

Letter to Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Our request for the Department of Health and Human Services review and adopt our recommendations to ensure that residents, families, and consumers have current and accurate ownership information about nursing home chains, affiliated entities and subsidiaries.