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The Florida Nursing Home Disaster Could Have Happened Almost Anywhere

Many of America’s roughly 15,600 nursing homes are unprepared for disasters like Hurricane Irma, which recently killed 11 elderly patients in South Florida after the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills lost power. “This could have happened anywhere…”

NPR: The Call-In: Elder Care

We hear from listeners about their decisions about elder care for themselves and parents. And Brian Lee of Families for Better Care talks about what people should know.

EDITORIAL: Next Storm to Approach: Category 5 Politics

Gov. Rick Scott learned quickly how the politics of natural disasters can shift. As Hurricane Irma approached, all the state’s attention focused on him. During daily briefings, Scott looked controlled and in charge. Though the usually impassive governor began flubbing lines after a few days, he still looked good. He looked human, showing the effects of round-the-clock stress.

Nursing Home Deaths: FL Governor Order Facilities to Get Generators

Following the deaths of eight elderly patients who spent three days in a smoldering hot nursing home, Florida Gov. Rick Scott ordered nursing homes and assisted living facilities Saturday to obtain generators and the fuel necessary to run them within 60 days.

Nursing Home Where 8 People Died Had Emergency Plan with Copy-Paste Passages, No Mention of Air Conditioning

When the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills submitted its 43-page emergency management plan to county administrators in July, it included details on how the home would maintain clean linen, distribute canned food and ensure residents had access to hand sanitizers. It made no mention of how residents would be kept cool if the home’s power was lost. That was a tragic oversight…