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ALERT: Miami ALF neglected disabled residents

(MIAMI) – Last week, Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration suspended the license of the Amazing Wonders assisted living facility in Miami for numerous failures that “encompass the panoply of statutory and rule provisions.” 

Inspectors reported that facility administrators:

  • Accepted residents whose medical needs exceeded the facility’s licensure scope;
  • Neglected to feed “a resident by mouth” following hospitalization and insertion of a feeding tube;
  • Directed unlicensed caregivers to “provide nutrition” through a resident’s feeding tube and then failed to document the resident’s nutrition, (the resident died shortly thereafter);
  • Neglected to monitor the whereabouts of one resident, losing the resident for “weeks” at a time, only locating the resident after police found the resident miles from the facility;
  • Failed to document and maintain medical records for residents;
  • Failed to maintain admission and discharge logs of residents to prevent resident elopement;
  • Failed to properly train staff in administering residents’ medications;
  • Failed to hire caregivers who were trained in CPR and First Aid; and
  • Failed to successfully complete criminal background checks for multiple employees.

Amazing Wonder’s failures were so widespread that these failures “permeated” the facility’s entire operations, threatening the “medical and psychological” needs of all residents.

Agency documents show that the “existed in the past and more likely than not will continue to exist” in the future if the Agency did not act.

State Ombudsman Mike Milliken told Families for Better Care that the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Office is working to ensure residents’ rights are protected during this closure process.  “We have procedures for facility closures we are following, that include, but are not limited to, providing information about other available facilities to following up with residents once they have settled into their new facility,” said Milliken.

Families for Better Care applauds the Agency for Health Care Administration’s decisive regulatory intervention to keep Amazing Wonder’s residents safe from additional harm and for the Ombudsman Program’s ongoing advocacy on behalf of the residents as they find a new home.