ALERT: Florida Officials Block Admissions at Miami Assisted Living Facility

by Families for Better Care

Jul 12, 2021

Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration recently suspended admissions at the Grand Court Lakes in North Miami after state inspectors discovered life-threatening conditions at the 191-bed facility.

According to the Agency's emergency order, a half dozen residents suffered falls that "resulted in injury or required medical attention." Facility records showed a pattern of chronic fall negligence by staff. Some of the separate fall-related injuries residents suffered included:

  • Hospitalization for head trauma;
  • A neck fracture;
  • A broken arm;
  • A fractured lumbar spine;
  • Skin tears on arms and legs; and
  • Facial cuts and bruises.

Remarkably, the facility's administration failed to "consider or implement any interventions to prevent further falls" for the affected residents, even after being warned by state officials a month before the emergency order.  In that one month, another resident fell who required hospitalization.

In another separate incident, a resident, known to have a heroin addiction, twice overdosed and was once found unresponsive, "passed out on the bed." The facility "demonstrated no affirmative action" to prevent substance abuse by the resident.

Because of the facility's "inability or unwillingness to assure" residents receive the necessary care and services to prevent fall risk or substance abuse, the Agency placed an immediate moratorium on admissions on Grand Court Lakes. A moratorium on admissions prohibits the facility from admitting new residents or readmitting former residents without the State's express consent.

While Families for Better Care applauds the Agency's emergency intervention, the action is limited only to those seeking admission. Therefore, because residents currently living at the facility may still be at risk for falls or other hazards, we ask that the Agency maintain a robust regulatory presence at Grand Court Lakes for the foreseeable future.

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