OK: 7 Nursing Home Patients Test Positive for Coronavirus in Norman

by Bonnie Campo

Mar 26, 2020

Grace Skilled Nursing and Therapy Center in Norman confirmed an outbreak of COVID-19.

Seven new patients tested positive for the virus.

This comes after two other residents from the facility passed away at the hospital earlier this week.

Those representing the nursing home said tests will be made available to those who need them at the facility.

Currently, the seven residents who are sick are being treated for their symptoms in isolation.

“By taking the temperature of both the employees and staff on a regular basis and making sure they are using the appropriate protective equipment, that is how they are actively managing the situation. You are always concerned of the potential that the infection spread, and they are taking the appropriate steps in the facility,” said Steven Buck, President and CEO of Care Providers Oklahoma.

Staff said the seven who tested positive will not be transferred to the hospital at this time because their symptoms are not severe. Instead, they will stay at Grace Skills Nursing and Therapy.

“Unless their condition worsens, they will be cared for there,” said Buck.

It remains unclear how COVID-19 was introduced into the nursing home.

But, staff reported they are focused on limiting the virus' reach.

“At this point, it is premature for me to speculate on how the infection would have been introduced. Candidly, our role is to respond to what is before us. The department of health and others will do the inspection to understand where the virus could have been introduced to the facility,” said Buck.

Grace Skilled Nursing previously limited visitors, and has worked hard to keep families up to date.

As a whole, advocates said the assisted living community needs testing to be readily available.

“Ideally, you would want extremely robust testing, that would be widely available. Unfortunately, we have not had that,” said Buck.


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