State: Putnam County Nursing Home Has Violations that Warrant it Finding a New Owner


by Robert Bradfield

Feb 13, 2020

The Crestwood Nursing Center is open and operating, but the state says it found deficiencies that could cause ‘serious injury, harm, impairment or death to a resident.’

A 54-page report reveals at least one incident where a patient died after a 5-minute delay on starting CPR when they were found unresponsive. 

“We want the residents to get good care. That’s the bottom line," said Brian Lee, the executive director of Families for Better Care, a non-profit consumer advocacy group.  

He read the state’s report and is familiar with Crestwood’s past, which included a moratorium last year on accepting new patients.

That was lifted earlier this year. 

“It was pretty bad, to the point where they issued an emergency sanction against the facility and this was a shot across the bow, the line in the sand, if you will," said Lee.

Nurses told state investigators they are certified in CPR but didn’t ‘feel comfortable’ doing it. The center was fined $53,000 for several violations and the order, which was signed by Crestwood’s president and attorney, gives them until June 30th to find a new owner. 

The center is not eligible to renew its license.

“We are not closing Crestwood nor are we planning to sell anytime in the future," said Crestwood Administrator Brenda Smith.

She disputes the state’s findings, calling them inaccurate. However, in a statement, the state’s agency for Health Care Administration confirmed to First Coast News Crestwood "must change ownership in 120 days."

Smith said residents are staying put.  

“We will be applying to renew out license prior to that. We are meeting that criteria and are exceeding that criteria," she said. 


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