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FFBC DIRECTOR STATEMENT: New Jersey Lawmakers' Decision to Table Staffing Standard is a Vote in Favor of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

January 9, 2020

Families for Better Care Executive Director Brian Lee issued the following statement after New Jersey’s State Assembly leaders tabled legislation (S1612) that would have mandated staffing levels for the state’s nursing homes:

New Jersey lawmakers’ decision to shelve mandated staffing levels is a shocking vote in favor of nursing home abuse and neglect.

By caving to nursing home owners and their lobbyists, lawmakers have all but guaranteed that residents will suffer more bone fractures, more pressure sores, more physical and sexual assaults, and even more premature deaths, all because of the failure by some politicians to have the courage to protect the state's most vulnerable population.

Embracing the staffing status quo only victimizes these politicians' elderly constituents.  Let’s just hope that that jingle in their campaign coffers is enough to soothe their consciences.

While the news this week is bleak for residents, it’s not too late for the General Assembly to do the right thing.  They can still help nursing home residents by requiring all facilities to employ enough caregivers to safely care for our parents and grandparents.

Right now, New Jersey is ranked as one of America's best nursing home states according to our latest report card.  But the state’s woefully low nursing home staffing levels make this ranking unsustainable.  New Jersey's nursing home residents received 34 minutes less care per day when compared to other top performing states.  This staffing disparity is indicative of worsening nursing home care in the near and long-term.

That’s why residents need mandated staffing levels now.

Families for Better Care demands that the New Jersey General Assembly quickly revive and pass S1612 to make nursing homes safer places to live for our families, both today and in the future.  

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