VT: Senior Living Concerns Over Coronavirus


by Erin Brown

Apr 3, 2020

Senior living facilities in Chittenden County are on high alert after three people connected to Pinecrest in Essex Junction died of COVID-19. Now, people whose elderly parents live in similar communities are wondering if they’re safe.

Three women whose parents live at Taft Farm are worried about cross-contamination between Taft Farm and Pinecrest since they’re both owned by the same property management company, Full Circle.

Twin sisters Karen Jean and Sharon Miles, and their friend Lynn Reagan, are most concerned about staffers going back and forth between the two communities and putting their parents in jeopardy of catching coronavirus. They say COVID-19 feels too close to home.

“It makes me feel very, very uneasy for the safety of our parents and everybody that lives here at the senior housing,” Jean said.


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