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  • RELEASE: Nursing Home Repeat Offenders

    FFBC News Release

    Nursing Home Regulators 'Mollycoddling' Repeatedly Fined Facilities
  • OUR TAKE: FL Nursing Home Tragedy

    Florida Nursing Home Tragedy

    OUR TAKE: A History of Broken Promises to the Elderly
  • Generators

    No money for nursing home generators? HARDLY.

    Industry's profitability should allay any fears of unaffordability.
  • More Vetting Needed

    More Vetting Needed

    More vetting is needed of parolees being considered for nursing home admission to prevent unnecessary harm to residents.
  • Florida Officials Censor Inspection Reports

    Florida Censors Inspection Reports

    Florida officials are sabotaging the usefulness of nursing home and assisted living inspection reports.

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FFBC: Thousands of Long-Term Care Ombudsman Complaint Referrals ‘Largely Unaccounted For’, ‘Scuttled’ by Government Officials

According to state ombudsman data collected and published by the United States’ Administration on Community Living, 1 in 5 ombudsman complaint referrals were “never acted upon” or they were “never substantiated” by government officials while nearly 100,000 were unaccounted for.
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