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Is Avoiding Paperwork More Vital Than Elders’ Safety?

Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board (PHOTO CREDIT: Tampa Bay Times) - Oct 16, 2019

Florida ranks first in the nation for residents at least 65 years old, and the number of seniors continues to grow. Yet a state senator wants to close the lid on key reports involving residents of assisted living facilities who die or are seriously injured. There is no good reason to withhold this information, and the Legislature should stand firmly on the side of Florida’s seniors and...

ALF Industry Pushes Bill to Lower Reporting Requirements for Deaths, Serious Injuries

Elizabeth Koh (PHOTO CREDIT: NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA) - Oct 11, 2019

When a resident in one of Florida’s assisted living facilities falls, dies or is seriously injured, that facility is required to tell the state within one business day that something has gone wrong. But a bill before lawmakers would give operators weeks to report such critical incidents — potentially leaving residents in harm’s way, elder advocates warn. Industry groups...

Nursing Home Kitchens in 'Horrible' Condition

Marjie Lundstrom - Oct 3, 2019

Flies buzzing the undercooked hamburgers. Cockroaches scurrying for cover behind the oven. A moldy ice machine. Mystery debris, clinging to the crevices of a meat slicer. Hundreds of mouse droppings, trailing across the hood of the stove. These incidents are not logged in any restaurant inspector’s notebook. They are among the thousands of food safety violations discovered in the last...

Arizona Failed to Investigate Some Nursing Home Complaints, Report Finds

Stephanie Innes - Sep 26, 2019

State health officials failed to adequately investigate complaints of abuse and neglect in Arizona nursing homes, a new auditor general's report says. The report, released Thursday by the independent Arizona Auditor General's Office, says the Arizona Department of Health Services may be putting long-term care residents at risk by failing to resolve complaints of resident abuse and...

Nursing Homes Are a Breeding Ground for a Fatal Fungus

Matt Richtel and Andrew Jacobs - Sep 12, 2019

Maria Davila lay mute in a nursing home bed, an anguished expression fixed to her face, as her husband stroked her withered hand. Ms. Davila, 65, suffers from a long list of ailments — respiratory failure, kidney disease, high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat — and is kept alive by a gently beeping ventilator and a feeding tube. Doctors recently added another diagnosis to...
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