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We're Getting Fleeced While COVID19 Kills Our Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

When the Coronavirus slammed onto America’s shores in late February, a Washington State nursing home became its first victim .  Dozens of residents and staff were infected and died.  Since then, families have been blocked from visiting, pleas by staff for personal protective equipment have gone unheard, and testing policies have been sloppily enacted, if at all. ...

COVID-19:  Isolated Nursing Home Residents Need Our Help!

Earlier this month, federal officials suspended all visitation to nursing homes in an effort to prevent residents, and staff, from being exposed to COVID-19. Residents are now isolated from their families and friends. But we've found a great way to help them stay connected. Families for Better Care just launched a campaign to raise money for purchasing and sending Smart Display...

Danger Ahead? Proposal Would Slash Nursing Home Oversight

Yesterday, Florida’s House Appropriations Committee debated Representative Daniel Perez’s  (R-Miami) HB 731, a voluminous bill, that, by all appearances, would seem to be a rather innocuous agency proposal.   But nothing could be farther from the truth.   Snuggly nestled into page seven of the 90-page bill  (lines 153-175), is a proposed revision...

Florida Alert! A 'Good Fix' to Proposed 'Direct Care Workers' Legislation

This morning, Florida's Senate Health Policy Committee adopted Senator Albritton's amendment to his proposed "Direct Care Workers" legislation (SB1676).   The "strike all" amendment:  Deleted the delegation of medication administration to nursing home caregivers, Clarified "paid feeding assistant" training to comply with federal law and standards; and...
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