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Florida Alert! Legislative Onslaught is 'Direct Attack' on Nursing Home and Assisted Living Residents and Their Rights

Florida lawmakers have launched a direct attack on residents living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities through a slew of veiled deregulation bills. Even the good ideas we've highlighted in this update are little more than sugar coating to make these bills supposedly easier for us to swallow.   Passage of any of these nefarious bills will almost certainly...

Florida Alert! Contentious House Bill 767, Reported Favorably with No Resistance

House Bill 767, introduced by Representative Michael Grant (R-Charlotte), passed unchallenged on Wednesday. Though HB 767 was framed as a bill that would help residents make use of “assistive devices,” and that would help residents transfer from one care center to another, the true nature of the bill is anything but helpful. Representative Grant briefly discussed a section of...

Florida Alert!  House Committee Takes on Contentious Assisted Living Deregulation Bill

House Bill 767 is scheduled to be heard by the Health Market Reform Subcommittee today at 3:30 PM in Mashburn Hall at Florida’s Capitol.  HB 767, sponsored by Representative Michael Grant (R-Charlotte) , is the companion bill to Senator Harrell’s contentious Senate Bill 402 .   Make no mistake, HB 767 and SB 402 are both back door ALF deregulation bills....

FFBC DIRECTOR STATEMENT: New Jersey Lawmakers' Decision to Table Staffing Standard is a Vote in Favor of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Families for Better Care Executive Director Brian Lee issued the following statement after New Jersey’s State Assembly leaders tabled legislation (S 1612 ) that would have mandated staffing levels for the state’s nursing homes: New Jersey lawmakers’ decision to shelve mandated staffing levels is a shocking vote in favor of nursing home abuse and neglect. By caving to...
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