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Nursing Homes Rake in Billions in COVID Relief as Elderly and Their Caregivers Die

Nursing homes are raking in billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidized bailout packages in hopes of halting the spread of coronavirus into facilities, where it’s been especially deadly.  And yet, despite this injection of emergency funds, nursing homes continue to be most hard hit by the pandemic.  Experts believe as many as 100,000 elderly residents and their caregivers...

FL Governor’s Holiday Order Creates “Right Conditions for Perfect Pandemic Storm” in Nursing Homes

Governor DeSantis announced last month that nursing home and assisted living residents are permitted to leave facilities and visit their loved ones over the holidays. Families for Better Care believes the governor’s well-intentioned order is dangerously misguided.   Governor DeSantis’s new nursing home holiday policy creates the right conditions for a perfect...

5 Things You Need to Know about Nursing Homes Reopening

The coronavirus has been devastating for nursing homes.  Overworked caregivers have been pushed to the brink.  Tens of thousands of residents and staff have been infected and died.  And nursing home residents have suffered six agonizing months of isolation, ripped from their families arms due to lockdown restrictions. So with all of this bad news, we’re long overdue for...

We're Getting Fleeced While COVID19 Kills Our Loved Ones in Nursing Homes

When the Coronavirus slammed onto America’s shores in late February, a Washington State nursing home became its first victim .  Dozens of residents and staff were infected and died.  Since then, families have been blocked from visiting, pleas by staff for personal protective equipment have gone unheard, and testing policies have been sloppily enacted, if at all. ...
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